Secure, dependable, SFTP and FTP(E/S) Server for Windows

Self-protecting, self-healing, highly available and fault tolerant, featuring a powerful and rich script-based event-handling subsystem

Eiscafe Eisberg
Brunnenstraße 55, 13355

Berlin, Germany.

Highest Security

Download and install Server! on your own computer or virtual machine... see for yourself what it can do for you!

Licensing that fits your needs Server! is totally free for personal use. The free edition can also be used in corporate environments for evaluation purposes (not on production servers).


To help you select the license that best fits your needs, we invite you to

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True high-availability

With support for distributed multi-instance file transfer server as well as configuration database, and DFS (distributed file system)


Zero-configuration attack prevention, including DoS, DDoS, hammering, password harvesting, and all known protocol violations


Out-of-the-box compliance to laws and regulations, including FIPS 140.2, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS: ideal for high-security file transfers


40+ events can be intercepted and handled to perform custom actions like sending emails, allowing or preventing operations, zipping and moving files, and... so much more!!

Unparalleled Flexibility


Limitless possibilities to extend Server!'s functions by leveraging the 4 included scripting languages: JavaScript, C++Script, PascalScript, and BasicScript


White-lists, speed limits, virtual folders, multiple key-pair per user for PKI authentication, ability to manually pick and configure each encryption algorithm...

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