The best FTP automation tool!

Need to run unattended and complex file transfer jobs, automatically and securely? FTP Script! is the most flexible software to accomplish your task.

With a choice of 4 scripting languages, you can develop your own file transfer scripts with ease, in a modern environment that helps you with wizards, and auto-completion.

Here's just a partial list of its main features...

  • Supported protocols: FTP, FTPS (implicit and explicit), and SFTP
  • Scripts can be run interactively (double-click) or scheduled to run unattended
  • Powerful editor with syntax highlighting, and code completion proposal
  • Run source-code as well as compiled scripts to prevent tampering
  • Zip files, send emails, PKI authentication, and much more, with a single line of code!
  • Develop scripts in 4 modern, object-oriented scripting languages: JavaScript, C++, Pascal, Basic
  • Supports all Windows platforms, from Windows XP through Windows 10 (both 32 and 64 bit)