SSH2/SFTP and FTPS server for Windows Server!


Out-of-the-box PCI/HIPAA compliance



Enterprise-grade high availability (HA)



Automation via scripting and event handling


No PhD required

All that power... and yet so easy to use!

Trusted Server! is used by Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, governments, law enforcement agencies, and countless small businesses.

For them, our software handles real-time financial transaction transfer and processing, secure medical record backup, and many other mission-critical scenarios.


Here you can see just a few of the customers who have chosen to entrust us with their file transfer security. 

Not only server software...

Besides the award-winning Server! software, Syncplify also provides a full suite of client and utility products. FTP Script!

Secure and automated file transfer client supporting FTP, FTPS (implicit and explicit SSL) and SFTP protocols. Ideal for complex unattended file transfers. FTP!

Freeware tool by Syncplify, this two-pane FTP client features multiple concurrent file transfers, and an easy to use Offile-like interface. Notepad!

Freeware (yes, totally free) Notepad replacement for Windows, with Office-like user interface, and powerful syntax highlighting and editing tools.